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Alcohol vs. Marijuana Alcohol and marijuana are two drugs commonly used and abused in the United States. Alcohol is the number one abused drug, while marijuana is number one among illegal drugs. While alcohol remains legal, and marijuana illegal, this does not necessarily mean that alcohol is better for you.
Free Essay: Alcohol impairs judgment and vision, and causes speeding and reckless driving. On the other hand, there has been debate over the effect of...
Alcohol vs Marijuana essaysThere is no culture in the history of mankind that did not ever use some kind (kinds) of drugs. Despite the well-known consequences of drug addiction, millions of people constantly consume different legal and illegal drugs. Affecting people.
Read this full essay on Alcohol vs. Marijuana. Alcohol vs. Marijuana Alcohol and marijuana are two drugs commonly used and abused in the United Stat...
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According to the statistics, alcohol and marijuana are two drugs generally used in the United States. There are a lot of arguments nowadays which one is less harmful. Alcoholics would rather say that marijuana is bad; however, on the other hand, those who are smoking weed are confident about health hazard that alcohol
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Common Nonsense In America, competition always comes in two's, in the political landscape we have the Republicans versus the Democrats, the forever dueling Coca-Cola and Pepsi, fast food giants Burger King and McDonalds, but when it comes to inebriation only two substances remain, Marijuana and Alcohol. Both of

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